Fireplaces Options

Modern-day fireplaces play a much greater role other than providing heating to the room. A well-chosen and perfectly-placed fireplace will complement the prevailing décor by adding a sense of warmth and a touch of detail to the room. In some cases, fireplaces take center stage and are the guiding star to the entire décor.

As such, you need to choose the best fireplace for your house, focusing on both the function and the aesthetics of the fireplace. With numerous options on the market, you should not relent until you have purchased the right fireplace for your needs. With this in mind, herein we will explore the fireplaces options available on the market.

Fireplace Types

#1. Wood-Burning Fireplaces �” There is a certain classic and timeless feel that wood-burning fireplaces yield wherever they are installed. The pops and crackles that wood-burning fireplaces produce yields an authentic fireplace experience that cannot be replaced. Moreover, this type of fireplace can lend itself to any design philosophy that you may have in mind �” be it classic or contemporary.

#2. Gas Fireplaces �” This type of fireplace is perfect for homeowners looking for convenience in terms of fireplace running and flexibility in design. A gas-powered fireplace can be switched on with a touch of a button. As for design, it can be designed to suit a classic design or contemporary look, depending on your needs.

#3. Electric Fireplaces �” This type of fireplace is perfect for homeowners looking or warmth and comfort with a bit more space economy form their fireplace. They are designed to occupy as little space as possible while yielding an aesthetically pleasing fireplace look.

Fireplace Design Options

When it comes to designs, there are numerous design options available on the general market. Opt for custom designed and made fireplace and the available designs explode exponentially. However, stock designs include wooden fireplaces, limestone fireplaces, cast iron fireplaces, wall stone fireplaces, granite fireplaces, marble fireplaces, and much more.

By combining the fireplace type and the design option, you end up having a wide variety of fireplaces to choose from, making it easy for you to attain a fireplace that complements your décor.