Securing An Indian Tourist Visa

Are you going to be planning a trip to India? Whether the trip is going to be for business or for pleasure, you will have to go through the steps to apply for an Indian tourist visa that will allow you to be in the country for a period of about six months or less. All of the visas for travel to India that originates from the United States will be processed through Travisa Outsourcing.

If this is going to be your first time that you are visiting India, or if there is a gap that is two months or longer since the last time that you are in India, you will have to apply for a tourist visa. If you are going to be visiting in a timeframe that is within two months time from your last visit, you will have to simply apply for a permit that will allow you to re-enter the country.

These are the simple steps that you need to follow for getting your Indian visa:

Step One

Visit the Travisa website and print out the visa application to be completed, making sure that you include all of your information required and your signature. If you will be paying for your visa application with your credit card, you need to provide the required information for the processing of all of the fees.

Step Two

This is where you need to have two passport style photographs. Once you have them taken, you can attach them onto the photo field that is located right on the front portion of your visa application. All photos must be sized two inches by two inches and have a white background.

Step Three

Once you have your application completely filled out with your photographs and signature, your passport, any copies of your identification, your green card and/or birth certificate together, you put them into an envelope along with any money order for the fees, if you are not going to be using a credit card. You can then simply address the envelope to whatever visa office is servicing your area and mail it out with the proper postage.

You want to be able to give yourself about three to four weeks from the time of application to the time where you are supposed to travel. While your Indian tourist visa may only take a couple of days for processing, it will always be best to add a bit of a buffer just in case there are any issues that arise.