Fusionex to Join IMU in Marrying Technology with Medicine

A collaboration with data technology and medicine will change the future of healthcare providers. The Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor Peter Pook of IMU and Founder and CEO Dato’ Seri Ivan The of Fusionex signed a memorandum at the Healthcare Big Analytics Forum.

IMU Programs To Integrate BDA

Malaysia’s International Medical University made a big leap with technology by integrating Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence to their health science and medical programs. For the first time, a syllabus from a non-ICT program would incorporate the BDA module. The five undergraduate programs will include:

  1. Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons)
  2. BSc (Hons) in Medical Biotechnology
  3. BSc (Hons) in Dietetics with Nutrition
  4. BSc (Hons) in Nutrition
  5. BSc (Hons) in Biomedical Science

The Goal Of Combining Analytics And Healthcare

The IMU R&D team aims to gather useful insights utilizing the GIANT platform’s ability to consolidate and analyze data points to discover patterns and trends. Data technology will be playing a significant role in the advancement of medical research and development of:

  • Advanced Drugs
  • Vaccine Designs
  • Cancer Informatics
  • Healthcare Analytics

To expand their source, they’ll be including unstructured data from sources like the WHO of announcements and discoveries of new medicines in the market.

Benefits Of BDA To Medicine

With this partnership, IMU’s research teams will work with data scientists, trainers, and experts from Fusionex to learn about this technology. The BDA and AI readiness of IMU will facilitate the advancement of medical research and education, as well as the medical and healthcare industry. Such benefits will comprise of:

  • Hastening diagnosis and treatment for patients
  • Generating life-saving medical research breakthroughs

IMU hopes that by teaching BDA and AI will help their students by giving them the right skills and knowledge. It would help prepare them for their future in this field. They are optimistic about how this collaboration can benefit their students through their programs.

This initiative in medical research will have a significant impact on the industry. Fusionex and IMU’s partnership will benefit not just their future healthcare providers, but will also extend to patients. Data Analytics and AI will push medical education and research to greater heights.